Puppy Pre-School

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Avenue Road Stirling Veterinary Surgery
8 Avenue Road,
SA 5152

08 8339 2842

Puppy Pre-School is held at the clinic Thursday evenings from 6.50pm-7.50pm with dog trainer Tracey Rogers.

All the Puppies at our Pre-School have great fun in the class and Tracey helps to teach the puppies good socialisation skills as well as helping the owners know everything there is to know about puppy behaviour. 

Puppies can be aged from 8 to 16 weeks old and must have received their first vaccination. There is a minimum of 2 puppies and a maximum of 6 puppies per class so you can be sure your puppy will receive individual attention.

Puppy Pre-School costs $40 per class and your puppy will be well on the way to being a well socialised member of the canine community.