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June 2016

As most of you know, we had many kittens come through our adoption program this kitten season and Max would like to let you know we had a 100% adoption rate! We thought we would share the story of the last two kittens, Zoe and Sparrow.

Zoe, the black and white kitten, came to us on her own. She was very playful and desperate for a playmate. Sparrow, the tortoiseshell kitten, came to us in a litter of three, with a brother and a sister. We introduced Zoe to the 3 newbies so she would have some playmates. Over a few weeks we found homes for the litter brother and sister, leaving us with Zoe and Sparrow. The two girls instantly loved each other and would play and sleep together.

One day our lovely client Rose came into the surgery with another of her pets, Billie the Black & White cat and saw the two kittens sleeping together. Her heart instantly melted and she decided to take them both home as she couldn’t bear the thought of splitting them up. This photo of Rose, Zoe and Sparrow was taken the day the girls left us for their new home.


May 2016

When winter approaches, so does the thunderstorms and heavy rain. These thunderstorms can create a lot of loud, frightening noises!

Did you know that up to 50% of dogs are stressed by loud noises?! And did you know that cats can also become stressed during a thunderstorm?

There is a product that can help your dog and/or cat feel less stressed through a thunderstorm.

For dogs:

Adaptil is a synthetic copy of the pheromone that the mother excretes to settle her puppies. It comes in an electric diffuser or pheromone infused collar.

The electric diffuser lasts for about 4 weeks (constantly switched on) and provides cover for 50-70m² around the home.

The pheromone infused collar comes in two different sizes and is triggered by your dog’s body heat and generally lasts for 4 weeks.

For cats:

Feliway is a synthetic copy of the pheromone that cats excrete when they rub their chin/cheek on familiar objects within their territory (home). Because of this pheromone being excreted, cats feel like they’re in a safe and familiar environment and as a result are generally less stressed/anxious. It comes in an electric diffuser or a spray.

The electric diffuser lasts for about 4 weeks (when constantly switched on) and provides cover for 50-70m² around the home.

The feliway spray can be sprayed onto prominent objects around the house once daily and can also be sprayed in the cat carrier before being used. This spray generally lasts a few hours.


April 2016

As we come into the cooler months, Max would like to show off some of the dog coats we have in stock. As well as the polar fleece rug Max is modelling, we also have quilted water proof coats for those that are outside. Both come in a range of sizes and designs. If you are concerned about sizing you are more than welcome to pop in with your dog and try them on.



March 2016

Can you believe it’s nearly Easter?! Our trading hours over Easter will be as follows:

Thursday 24th March: 8am-7pm

Friday 25th March: Good Friday-Closed

Saturday 26th March: Closed

Monday 28th March: Closed

Tuesday 29th March: 8am-7pm

We hope you have a lovely, safe Easter and remember to keep those chocolates away from your pets.


February 2016

Max would like to let everyone know that we are currently running a promotion that can see you receive a $30 voucher. All you need to do is refer a friend or family member to us for veterinary services (excludes grooming), with them writing your name on their new client enrolment form as a recommendation. When we see your name on the enrolment form, we will post you a thank you card with a $30 voucher for you to put towards your pet’s next consultation with one of our vets. How easy is that?!


January 2016

Happy new year!

As we are now coming into the hottest months of the year, Max wanted to share some tips with you on how to keep your pets cool this summer:

• Home made ice blocks can provide great mental stimulation as well as keeping your pet cool. Simply freeze a container (size to suit your pet) of water with some treats in it-can be liver treats or dry food. You can also add a very small amount of powered stock to the water or vegemite to the water to give it some extra flavor. Remove from container and give to your pet. Plus cats love these too!

• Give your pet some wet towels to lay on. Wet towels are great at cooling your pets off, especially when they are in contact with hairless areas such as the groin or paws.

• Place ice cubes in water bowls to help keep their drinking water cool

It is also important to remember that the pads on the bottom of your pets feet can burn easily, so be careful when taking them for a walk. A good rule of thumb is to place the back of your hand onto the walking surface, if you can leave your hand there longer than 5 seconds without discomfort then it is fine to walk your pets on.


December 2015

 It’s that festive time of year when we decorate our homes with pretty lights and sparkling tinsel, appreciate each other’s company and enjoy lots of yummy food. But there are a few topics we’d like to briefly mention that are very common during this time of year.

Pancreatitis in dogs…

Pancreatitis is the inflammation of the pancreas. The pancreas helps to digest food and control blood sugar levels. Overweight dogs can be more susceptible to pancreatitis. Pancreatitis can be caused by fatty foods and some medications. So please don’t feed the half a turkey roast you have left over from Christmas dinner or the left over bacon and eggs from Christmas breakfast to your dog(s) as the amount of fat in these kinds of foods is far too high for a dog to be able to digest and can easily cause pancreatitis. Symptoms of pancreatitis include vomiting soon after eating, diarrhoea, swollen and painful abdomen, dehydration and lethargy. You can prevent pancreatitis by keeping the garbage bin secure, minimising food scraps and keeping your dog at an ideal weight.

Please know that dogs can die from pancreatitis if it is not treated quickly, so please be aware and call us if you have any questions.

Foreign Bodies in cats…

Cats are very curious animals and like to play with lots of things, including tinsel, string, ornaments, socks and the list goes on. While playing with these items, a lot of cats will bite and chew on them, occasionally swallowing parts or entire objects. This can cause problems for your cat as these items are not digestible and can get stuck in their digestive tract causing a blockage. Items such as tinsel and string can also get snagged and cause the intestines to telescope on themselves. These issues can be deadly if not caught early. Symptoms of a blockage include vomiting, swollen abdomen, sore abdomen, inappetance, constipation and lethargy. If you suspect your cat might have eaten something they shouldn’t have please call us immediately.

If you require assistance on a public holiday or Sunday, please call the Animal Emergency Centre on 8362 1722 or you can find them at 102 Magill Rd, Norwood.


November 2015

Max would like to inform you of our new dental offer: scale and polish (grade 2) procedures for a set price of $450.

 This procedure involves a general anaesthetic and your pet’s teeth being cleaned with our specialist dental machine to remove the plaque and tartar.

 Some signs of dental disease include:

* Halitosis (Bad Breath)

* Drooling

* Inappetance (Not eating)

* No longer playing with chew toys

* Pawing at the mouth

Dental disease can cause many more problems than just bad breath, the excess bacteria in the mouth migrates into the blood stream and can lodge in major organs including the heart and kidneys, causing irreversible damage.

 By having your pets teeth cleaned now, you can save them from painful dental conditions, loss of teeth and damage to major organs later in life.

  If you would like to know more, please call us on 8339 2842.


October 2015

With Veterinary Nurse Day on the 9th of October, Max would like to tell you a bit about the nursing staff at the clinic.

As you have all experienced, the veterinary nurses in the clinic answer your phone calls, book your consultations and always greet you with a smile when you come to visit, but, did you know, they do much more away from the reception desk?

Veterinary nurses are responsible for many different roles within the veterinary clinic ranging from anaesthetist, surgical assistant, cleaner, radiographer, infection control officer, nutritionist, puppy trainer and so much more!

 Come on in to the clinic during October and check out our display board where we have our nursing staff profiles on display as well as more information in regards to the day to day tasks the lovely nurses at the clinic do!


September 2015

Max would like to let you all know that September is Ear Month!

 Unfortunately, ear infections are one of the most common issues we see at the clinic, especially in Dogs. It can be very uncomfortable for your pet and if left untreated, can become very painful.

 Most ear infections in adults are caused by bacteria and yeast. Sometimes the ear canal becomes moist from bathing, grooming or swimming and this moisture provides the ideal environment for the growth of microorganisms within the ear canal.

 The most common signs to look out for are scratching and rubbing at the ear(s) as well as head shaking. You may also notice an abnormal odour coming from the ear or see redness or swelling.

 Max’s tip for the month: If you notice any of the above mentioned signs, don’t hesitate to contact the lovely staff at the clinic and they will be more than happy to help with your enquiries.


August 2015

Max would like to chat to you about dental month and the specials we will be running during August.

 As you may have heard, August is dental month. To help celebrate this, we are offering dental checks with our nurses free of charge. All you need to do is call the surgery on 8339 2842 and mention that you would like to make an appointment time with one of our nurses for a free dental check. We will also be offering 10% off dental surgical procedures during the month of August. So if your pets teeth have not been checked recently, now is the time to bring them in!

July 2015

Max would like to know if anyone is looking at adding a new cat to their family. Max has a feline friend, Gemma who is currently looking for her forever home. She is 8 months old and has short hair with brown tabby colouring. Gemma is desexed, microchipped and all her vaccinations are up to date.

 Gemma is currently residing with a client of ours until we manage to find her a forever home. Max has asked that if you are interested in meeting Gemma, please call us at the clinic and we will be happy to arrange a meet for you.

June 2015

As winter is fast approaching and the cold weather is certainly settling in, we’d like everyone to think of their senior dogs and cats. In the cold weather, our senior pets tend to struggle a bit more with movement due to arthritis. There are some ways to help our beloved pets through the colder months. These include a course of Pentosan injections, initially given once a week for four weeks. Another option for dogs is a joint care powder called Paws by Blackmores Osteosupport which helps in the relief of arthritic symptoms.

Signs that your dog or cat could have arthritis are stiffness when walking, slower to get up after laying down, swelling around the joints and seem hesitant to run, jump or climb up/down stairs.

If you believe your dog or cat could be suffering from arthritis and would like more information on treatment or prevention, please contact the clinic and we will be happy to assist or make an appointment time for you to chat with one of our lovely vets.


Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

As you may all be aware, we have a long-weekend coming up this month! Our opening hours will be as follows:

Saturday 6th of June: 8.30am-4pm

Monday 8th of June (Queen’s birthday): CLOSED

Tuesday 9th of June: 8am-7pm